Ichthus Stack Notes

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Roll d6s for similar units to figure out how many hit. Bricks of small d6s ftw.

Roll attack plus bonus vs opponent's defense plus bonus to hit.

1s miss. 6s threaten a crit. another 6 confirms it. 1/36 chance of a crit unless you have specials that help.

Damage is based on die type. d2, d3, d4, d6, d8, d10, d12 with variants like 2d4 and such.

2d4 vs d8 and 2d6 vs d12 - The more accurate the weapon is, the more consistent its damage and the more dice you use to make up its attack. A well trained knight would use 2d6 for damage whereas a beefy untrained twoll would roll d12. Both max at the same, but the knight will more consistently roll around 7 damage whereas the twoll will vary wildly from roll to roll.

Luckamancy roll bonus: roll twice and take the higher for one unit and roll twice and take the lower for a different unit. low level luckamancy take the luck from another allied unit. higher level can take from an opposing unit.