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What is RPG Erfworld?

RPG Erfworld is a group project by the fans and creators of Erfworld. Our ultimate goal is to make an Erfworld game.

This will be a lot of work! It will take years to get a playable, balanced, interesting, exciting, fun game that feels like Erfworld. We don't expect to produce an actual game before 2019, and it may take longer than that to get it right.

As fans, we need your memory and your opinions and your headcanon. As gamers, we need your strategic expertise and your mechanical insights and your "break it" exploits. Please get involved as a volunteer!

What's our current Goal?

We're tackling this in discrete phases. All of 2017 is dedicated to working out stack battles.

By the end of the year, we aim to have a complete rule system to model stack-on-stack combat. We're going to start with the fundamentals (two stabbers meet two pikers in the field) and build up to the complex cases (a Level 5 warlord is leading a stack with a Level 1 mounted warlord, who is screening for a caster throwing Shockmancy, while receiving cover fire from nearby non-stacked archers, etc.)

We will be using the Gametable application on as our main tool for testing and development. The current version is okay for defining sets of dice, and pretty good at letting multiple people see the same tabletop surface in their browser. This should be a good way to start talking in realtime about systems and approaches.

In 2018, we'll begin the next major phase. We will apply this combat system to allow you to battle the units you have collected on your user profile. (More about that as we roll out the unit collection system later this year.)

How do I get involved?

This project will be managed by 0beron, in partnership with Rob Balder and Team Erfworld. Anyone who is interested in contributing time or ideas (no matter how small) should check the Volunteers page first. If you have any further questions, reach out to 0beron via Private Message or this thread on the forums.

As a volunteer for this project, you might only be interested in certain aspects of it. That's okay! You may drift in and out of participating. That's fine, too! You might want to take a leadership/ownership role over some piece of the project. Brilliant! Talk to 0beron about it.

We need all the help we can get. A bunch of interested minds can often produce better results than a single designer, and if ten or twenty or fifty Erfworld fans can agree that something works, it probably does.

Just remember that 0beron holds the reins on this. He's the project manager, the one that the Erfworld creators have put in charge of keeping the editorial vision clear and consistent. "Zero" is pretty pro. He knows what's what. So if he overrides you on something, please just smile and say okay and work on the next thing.

What kind of a game are we aiming for? How complex?

We might be making more than one Erfworld game here.

Simple games can be great, but so can really complicated ones. Erfworld has a lot of nuance, and it can be hard to know how much detail from the comic to include in our game rules. The primary goal with RPG Erfworld is to develop a tabletop system with a level of complexity similar to Dungeons & Dragons or other d20 systems.

As we discuss rules and exceptions and tables and features, we'll inevitably run into ideas that are too complex. Those might be more suitable for 4X Civilization-style computer gaming, which we'd like to see happen very far down the line. (It's really a dream of Rob's to see an Erfworld game as good as Civ.) So those approaches and notes will be moved to their own bucket, stored in the wiki, and maybe used later on.

Also, the complexity of the story shouldn't keep us from making a very simplified card game that might still be fun to play. More simplistic approaches (suitable for a standalone card game, a browser mini-game, or even LARP-style gaming) will also be recorded in their own respective buckets. If it's a good enough idea that could quickly be developed in parallel, then we may fork the development and treat that as its own side project.

There is no such thing as a bad idea; all feedback and contributions will be welcome in this process!

A page has been started wherein you creative units out there can share your visions to help guide the rule makers: Musings

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