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The Musings of the Gamers

Alwinner's thoughts

First off, I am an experienced D&D player who has dabbled in some other RPG's and loves strategy games of all kinds. I love writing as well, which brings us here. Please feel free to put down any other ideas you as a community may have, and look here for inspiration, those of you who are helping to design the rules. I am also available to proofread any sections of text for clarifications.

The way I see things, there are two major ways we can make a game out of Erfworld. The first way involves a minimal effort, strategy board game, perhaps even with a Catan-like randomized setup. Each player would take the role of a ruler, and command general swaths of other units with a couple of commanders. Things like the specific personality of your Healamancer or the leveling up of a stabber would get shunted off to the side in order to give the full experience of Erfworld's glory. The players may potentially still name their units, side, cities, etc. with an emphasis on silliness so as not to miss out on the Signamancy that makes Erfworld so great.

The second one is to create an actual RPG. The difference being, several players will work together in a side/alliance playing as commander units (warlords/casters). My only word of caution on this is that caster classes are gonna be a pain to figure out completely- warlords should comprise the main part of the game, with casters being at GM's discretion or NPC's themselves. There are a lot of possibilities here. Players can be barbarians trying to make their way in the world, members of a side fighting for an oppressive ruler, nobles embroiled in intrigue to obtain titles like Chief Warlord or a player may even be permitted to assume the role of heir or ruler. The list goes on. The main thing, I think, is to try to balance casters with warlords. Those who write the mechanics on this game, beware.