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This is intended as a collection page for all random ideas or questions or hypotheticals or thoughts.

I would like a volunteer (or team) to serve as custodian for this page, with the following responsibilities:

  • Maintain formatting and organization
  • Move contributions from here onto other pages as appropriate
  • Follow the Forum thread and "harvest" thoughts raised there

Odds & Ends

Alwinner offers a recap on Commanders.

TomaO2 offers some thoughts on taming Ferals.

A place to suggest ideas on how units go about Leveling

Working out the basics of a city's Unit Production

Starting to look at the mechanics of juice and Casters

Of all the discussion on mechanics over the years, NONE have been more contested than that of stacking

A critical part of stack combat is riding Mounts

Beeskee gathered ideas for an Erfworld MMO, some of which may be useful for this project.

One-Roll Engine

Intended for stack mechanics.

Having done a lot of DMing, I prefer the elegant "one roll" engine system for handling die rolls. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/One-Roll_Engine -Neogeo (talk)

Mass Combat Stacking Chart

This is an Excel Spreadsheet image of how I think the Artemis verse Sylvia combat played out. Note the stack mechanics and overall thought process.

Battle Estimate Artemis Sylvia.JPG

Unit Special Rules and Auto Behaviour

This section is for special rules relating to certain unit types from Pikers and Stabbers to Fliers and Tunnelers. It also lays out their Automatic fighting style when facing an unled and facing an unallied force in the same hex.

Basic Units


Stabbers are the most basic Erfworld unit with either swords or spears. There should likely be no special rules about them but The stats for a level 1 stabber should still reflect something easily capable of defeating a level 1 archer or even caster in direct, close combat.

Auto rules:

  • Proposal 1: Engage nearest unallied unit/stack that can be engaged, attack until destroyed, repeat until no enemy is available to engage.


Pikers have a long reach with their weapon that would let them get first strike on any engaging unit, but in close the weapon would be unwieldy. Their stats should reflect comparatively poor attack and possibly defense compared to a stabber but the following rule can make up for it (other specials may override):

  • Proposal 1: Pikers, get an automatic first hit when another unit first engages it.
  • Proposal 2: Pikers, get an automatic first hit when first engaging, or being engaged by, another unit.

Auto rules:

  • Proposal 1: Engage nearest unallied unit/stack that can be engaged, attack until destroyed, repeat until no enemy is available to engage.

It appears that Lancers are simply mounted Pikers. With that in mind it is proposed that the following special ability be afforded a Lancer (Mounted Piker):

  • Charge: A Lancer, mounted, can "charge" an enemy unit or stack, make an attack and with success, immediately disengage without penalty. The unit cannot "charge" if it is already engaged or when engagement is imposed upon it.

If we are treating Lancers as Pikers but mounted, it might be simpler to give them an ability to simply disengage without taking a penalty, since they would already have the Piker's "First Hit". This would obviously change the Auto action as well, to something more like a Piker but with a condition to disengage.

  • Disengage (Proposal): At the start of the Turn, and Lancer-type unit can disengage without penalty. The unit cannot disengage if its movement is otherwise limited or impeded (by abilities, terrain, Magic, etc).

Auto rules:

  • Proposal 1: "Charge" nearest unallied unit/stack that can be "charged", continue until destroyed, do not disengage if engaged, repeat until no enemy is available to charge.


Archers have the ability to perform ranged attacks against other units. They cannot fire across hex boundaries off-turn but there is suggestion that this may be possible on-turn.

Auto rules:

  • Proposal 1: Fire upon nearest unit/stack, continue until destroyed, engaged or depleted of arrows. If engaged, do not disengage, attack until destroyed. If depleted of arrows, engage nearest unit/stack, continue until destroyed. Repeat until no enemy is available for ranged attacks, engage or depleted of arrows to fire upon enemy units only accessible by ranged attack.