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This page will serve as a central hub for all working rules for Stack Combat.

Anyone interested in participating should visit the Volunteers page to see what roles are needed and where the project is currently focused.

For now, if anyone has the core elements of a system to offer, please feel free to create a page accordingly and place a link to it in the Currently Active Drafts section below. Please skim any pages already listed there to determine if your idea is similar to one already presented.

If you instead prefer troubleshooting/critiquing existing rules, review the rules posted and add comments to that page accordingly.

Or if you have a random idea that doesn't really fit somewhere, please add it to this Odds & Ends page.

Format Guidelines

Refer to this page for guidance on coding/formatting wiki pages. All rules pages created should follow the general format of 3 sections:

  1. Rules: This is where the raw text/tables/etc that constitute the ruleset should go.
  2. Author Comments: This is where the author of the rules can explain their thinking, ask for specific areas of feedback, or respond to feedback.
  3. Feedback: This is where others can offer their thoughts or suggestions on the ruleset.

Project Rules

All contributors will be held to this code of conduct.

  1. There is no such thing as a bad idea: All contributions are welcome
  2. Thou Shalt Not Delete: This doesn't mean you will never click "backspace" in the course of editing content, and you may edit others' content for clarity, but you shall never wholly remove another person's content.
  3. Thou Shalt Save: The Wiki has a bug which tends to log you out while you are editing a page. For your own sake, each time you are about to click the "save page" button, please copy-paste work you have done into a document in case the Wiki rejects your edit.
  4. 0beron has the final say: As manager for this project, 0beron is like the Editor in Chief for a newspaper. He is responsible for guiding the "flavor" of these rules and deciding which ideas get moved to the shelf for potential use in other projects. This does not mean there is anything wrong with shelved content; it just means that it does not fit into the product currently in progress. 0beron obeys Rule #2 as well -- everything will be archived.

Currently Active Drafts

Phase One Extractions

The Currently Active Drafts have been distilled into their Base Mechanics and their Stack Mechanics. Some proposed Drafts had both, some only had one. We've extracted those Mechanics in order to play test them 'in a void' without the accompanying extraneous rules in order to get a good feel for what works the best and what is the most fun to play with. Using these we'll perform our first round of playtests and from there we will move toward choosing a Base Mechanic and Stack Mechanic for the System.

Playtest Round 1

Home for the Round 1 Playtests

Notes and Thoughts

(Not really full drafts)