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This page serves as the central index of all volunteers, assignments, and tasks currently in progress. Some roles require more effort and dedication than others; please be mindful of your availability before committing to any significant role.

This is a "divide and conquer" effort, at least in our first phase of work. As such, we will divide into teams based on focus areas.


Our objectives are very simple; we have a long-term mission, a short-term target, and an immediate priority:

  • Long-term Mission: A full tabletop system, playable with pen-and-paper and polyhedral dice, that captures all aspects of Erfworld's gameplay.
  • 2017 Target: A complete rule system for all forms of combat, playable with pen-and-paper and polyhedral dice.
    • This includes "complex" cases like Archery, Leadership, and Specials but excludes Magic (though development should remain cognizant of how Magic will someday fit into this system)
  • Immediate Priority: From the pool of rulesets posted by many Contributors, develop/select a single basic mechanic to build our system on. The "Balance" and "Playtest" teams will take responsibility for this.

We also have a guiding principle: The rules must be a balance of realism and practicality. Some Erfworld mechanics will need to be sacrificed in order to keep the game playable and enjoyable in a tabletop format, but rules should remain as true to the comic as is feasible.



Arguably the most important "team" involved with this project, it is the one team everyone is automatically a part of! Anyone who volunteers any idea or amount of time, no matter how small, is a part of this team. The rest of the teams listed below carry with them an anticipation of ongoing engagement, but Contributors are free to offer as much or as little as they are able. So there's no need to "sign up", you are all welcome and appreciated.

Core Advisers

A core team of individuals with professional experience in any aspect of project management or game design. You will work closely with 0beron and should be prepared for a level of involvement greater than a passing contributor. Below is a list of potential titles that may be filled. If you are interested, add your name as a bullet under the description:

  1. Process Adviser (FFTGeist): Set & track schedules, touch base with team leads, and handle other administrative aspects of keeping the project on track from a logistical perspective.
  2. Game Design Adviser (houstinhobby): A go-to expert on game design topics such as balance concerns, development process, etc. Responsible for the "Balance" and "Playtesters" teams.
  3. Editorial Adviser (pending interview): A go-to expert on grammar and formatting to ensure that our rules read smoothly. The "Cleaners" team will likely report to this individual.
  4. Creativity Curator (Burley): Many contributors are interested in aspects of the rules that fall outside our current goal and focus. These folks should see Burley as their point of contact. He will ensure these efforts remain organized, and report to 0beron about what's in-the-works.


The Balance team is responsible for critiquing the rules. They spot weaknesses, find exploits, and suggest fixes. This team will also receive feedback from Playtesters and interpret that into concrete fixes for the rules.

  • Balance Coordinator (The Unlurked): Serves as a single point of contact who can disseminate messages to the rest of the team, and report "meeting minutes" to summarize the team's effort. In short, an assistant to the Game Design Adviser.
  • Other members: Squishalot, TomaO2, Thydron, Ira, Salvage, OSTBear, Rourke, ALevel3Thinkamancer, Dark Arbiter


The Playtest team gets the "fun" job, playing rule-sets with a critical eye to provide feedback on the negative (and positive) experiences of how it feels to play the game.

  • Playtest Coordinators (Evilbarrels, Knavigator): Serve as points of contact who can disseminate messages to the rest of the team, and report "meeting minutes" of each playtest session. In short, they are assistants to the Game Design Adviser.
  • Testers: Burley, Finn MacCool, AdventKain, Prof fleb, Darius, The Krayzor, TheFreeMason, Xetheral, DimTye, Slasherpoch, Cypermance, Spruce, ShneekeyTheLost


These folks keep our Wiki tidy. They will be responsible for; editing content so it reads clearly and looks pleasant on the page, moving pages or discussions as needed to stay on topic, and following the forum thread to capture any stray ideas onto the proper Wiki page instead. They report directly to the Editorial Adviser.


Obviously a game revolving around stack combat is going to need a roster of units to play with! This team will lead the effort to populate a veritable encyclopedia with different unit types that have appropriate stats to match our developing rules. This team will be slightly delayed in getting off the ground, as we need to narrow down our rules some first. But feel free to begin brainstorming and developing a list of units that will need to be created in order to match the comic. This team will report directly to the Creativity Curator, unless experience dictates that a Coordinator role is needed.